National Awareness campaign (NHS England)

The decision to run this campaign is great news and hopefully GUTSY members will be able to take part in the campaign by manning local displays, speaking to the media and helping generally with the required publicity. We may even enable the campaign to spill over a little into Wales!

Extract from a ‘Be Clear on Cancer campaigns’ letter  sent out recently by the Dept Health

4. The national oesophago-gastric cancer campaign will run from 26 January to the end of February. The campaign is aimed at men and women aged 50 years and over and focuses on key symptoms of oesophageal and stomach cancers.

5. The campaign plans are still to be finalised but are likely to include TV, radio, press, digital and out of home advertising. There may also be road show events.

6. The key message will be: ‘Having heartburn, most days for 3 weeks or more, could be a sign of cancer - tell your doctor’. A second message will be: ‘Food sticking when you swallow could be a sign of cancer – tell your doctor’.

7. The decision to run this campaign was based on the results from the regional campaign which ran in the Northern England Strategic Clinical Network region from February to March 2014. The results provided evidence of a significant impact, showing that, within the regional pilot area, there was a 52% increase in urgent GP referrals for suspected upper GI cancers, for February–April 2014, compared to the same months in 2013. This compares to an increase of 17% in the control area.

8. It is acknowledged that this campaign will impact on endoscopy services. By providing early warning we hope that you can put in place any necessary temporary arrangements to cope with any peak in requirements. Also, to help cope with additional pressures:

Westminster campaign

There is a Westminster campaign being organised by a lobbyist to help make MPs more aware of oesophageal cancer and the treatments and diagnoses available. Information can be found on the News section of the Action against Heartburn website:

The Oesophageal Cancer Westminster Campaign has organised a parliamentary lobby and reception on Monday 13th October at the Houses of Parliament. David Heyes MP will be hosting a rally meeting in committee room 15 between 12.30pm and 1.30pm. The purpose of the meeting is for supporters to gain insight into how to best communicate with parliamentarians. This will be followed by an opportunity for supporters to attend a prearranged meeting with their local MP or to request to meet with their local MP on the day.

The Parliamentary reception will take place on the terrace of the House of Commons, between 4pm and 6pm and will be hosted by Mike Thornton MP. The reception will include a wide range of speakers with a clinical and patient focus. It will enable parliamentarians and stakeholders to discuss the provision surrounding oesophageal cancer and how stakeholders can work together with government to reduce the mortality rate.

For additional information contact  William O’Brien at or on 0207 7356963.

Action Against Heartburn – Before it’s too late!

Charities Promoting Earlier Diagnosis of Oesophageal Cancer